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Beginners Course 2018

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The orienteering group Säuliamt offers in May and June a course for beginners which takes place at three Wednesday evenings. The course is open for all people who want to learn about orienteering and to find the fastest way with a map. It is best to participate in all three sessions, since the three evenings sequentially cover the most important topics.

DateWednesday, May 30 / June 6 / June 13
Time18:15 – ca. 19:30
PlaceThe course is run parallel to our regular trainings:
 May 30Homberg / Vita-Parcours Affoltern
 June 6Aeugsterberg / Schulhaus Gallenbühl, Aeugst
 Juni 13Feldenmaas / Hedinger Weiher
OutfitSport outfit, good jogging shoes, long trousers recommended
RegistrationPlease consider registering for the course at http://www.olg-saeuliamt.ch/anmeldung/, but you can also just pass by spontaneously. The course is free of charge!
ProgramWe learn on these 3 evenings the basics of orienteering. These are the basics of reading the map, using the compass to leave the roads and basic strategies of how to find the controls.
RequirementsYou need no preknownledge about orienteering nor about reading
maps. Even though orienteering is about running, your physical
condition is irrelevant for this course.
ContactFor more information please contact
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